We kindly invite you to spend a week in Kražiai, a beautiful Samogitian town recalling the spiritual coherence of Lithuanian history and Western European culture. You will study the Latin Roman liturgy, obtain a deeper understanding of Church Tradition, practice Gregorian chant and participation in the Sacrifice of Christ.

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27 July – 3 August 2014


AD FONTES Mystagogia 2014 Programme ENG

Ad Fontes 2014 Questionnaire

“Mindful of the “profound connection between beauty and the liturgy“ and “the rich patrimony faith and love“ represented by the Church‘s musical heritage (Sacramentum Caritatis, 41, 42), His Holiness encourages you in your efforts to cultivate an ever deeper understanding and appreciation of the holy Eucharistic, the “source and summit“ of the Christian life, (Lumen Gentium, 11). Commending all of you to the intercession of Mary Immaculate and Saint Benedict, he cordially imparts an Apostolic Blessing“.

From the Letter of Archbishop Fernando Filoni, Prefect of  the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and Substitute for General Affairs in Roman Curia, on behalf of His Holiness Benedict XVI to the Bishop of Šiauliai, Eugenijus Bartulis, with the blessing of His Holiness on Ad Fontes.

The Ad Fontes academy begins with the resolution to proceed along the way of Mystagogy, the way of the saints of first Christian centuries. Mystagogy is an ancient practice of introducing believers into the mystery of the Sacrifice of God‘s Son. Here, in the mystery of Eucharist, God‘s Love is revealed and humans are sanctified.

The purpose of the academy is to form full-fledged participants of the Eucharistic Sacrifice, i.e. the Holy Mass. Theological studies contribute to perceiving the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist, and practicing Gregorian chant enables a more perfect participation in the Eucharistic Sacrifice (actuosa participatio).

The Ad Fontes Mystagogia academy is under the wardship of the Bishop of Šiauliai, His Excellency Eugenijus Bartulis, who invites to go deeper in your relationship with God.

AD FONTES 2014′ exceptional event

Pontifical Liturgies

29 July

The Bishop of Šiauliai, His Excellency Eugenijus Bartulis, and the Auxiliary Bishop of Kaunas, His Excellency Kęstutis Kėvalas, will visit Ad Fontes participants and celebrate the Liturgy

The symbols of Pontifical Liturgy reveal in full the beauty of the Mystical Body of Christ to the believers celebrating the liturgy

9.00 a.m. Missa Pontificalis – Pontifical Mass

    celebrated by His Excellency Eugenijus Bartulis

5.30 p.m. Vesperae Pontificales – Pontifical Vespers

  celebrated by His Excellency Kęstutis Kėvalas

Introduction to the Programmes

This year Ad Fontes further takes on a task to form the lay persons devoted to liturgical service. The academy has a permanent team of continuously advancing teachers so that the formation method used by Ad Fontes is cherished and upheld.

A cycle of lectures will be enriched with a variety of top-rank unique considerations. We are glad to have in our team a philosopher Dr. Naglis Kardelis and a special guest, Kaunas Auxiliary Bishop Kęstutis Kėvalas. We are happy to get attention of the successors of apostles and to have the liturgy at Ad Fontes more elaborate.

A particular attention will be called to Gregorian chant and practicing church singing. This year we initiate a new course – individual singing technique lessons. To have highly motivated participants and a better quality of practicing, the number of participants will be limited to 40.

Rule for singers: The celebration of the liturgy largely depends on proper preparation of singers for liturgical service. The church singers who sing the Glory of God and who by their singing lead the believers to the Eucharistic Sacrifice should have mastered the harmony of theological formation and professional singing.


Dr. Alcuin Reid

Founder of the Monastery of Saint Benedict (La Garde-Freinet), France, organiser of an international standing conference “Sacra Liturgia“, author of the book “The organic development of the liturgy“, one of the leaders of the New Liturgical Movement.

Dr. Naglis Kardelis

Philosopher, philologist, linguist, translator, docent at the Department of Classical Philology and the Department of Logic and History of Philosophy, Vilnius University, senior researcher at the Lithuanian Culture Research Institute; has translated a number of works of Plato and other Antique philosophers, issued a monograph “Insight into the Unity of Plato’s Philosophy“, in 2007 was awarded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania for a cycle of articles about natural sciences and humanities in a Competition of Popular Science Works

Dr. Jonas Vilimas

Chair of the Board of the Archė foundation, subcantor of Schola Cantorum Vilnensis (Vilnius University), academic leader and lector of the Ad Fontes academy of Church Tradition and Gregorian chant, doctor of humanitarian sciences (subject – the history of the development of Gregorian chant in the Great Duchy of Lithuania), lecturer at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

Romualdas Gražinis

Teacher of choir conducting, Chair of the Methodical Commission of Choir Conducting, leader and conductor of the mixed choir of senior students at the National M. K. Čiurlionis School of Art, one of the founders of the first Lithuanian Gregorian chant male choir “Cantores chorales capellae s.Casimiri“, leader of the Aidija chamber choir, Cantor primus and one of the founders of the Vilnius University Gregorian chant school Schola Cantorum Vilnensis; R. Gražinis is a State Award Laureate

Adrija Čepaitė

Orchestra and choir conductor, teacher in orchestra conducting at the Music Academy of the Vytautas Magnus University, invited conductor of symphony orchestras, expert in Gregorian chant, conductor of an international female ensemble Graces & Voices, teacher at master courses

Mindaugas Kubilius

Member of the Board of the Archė foundation, leader and founder of the Ad Fontes academy of Church Tradition and Gregorian chant, lecturer at VilniusUniversity and ISM Management and EconomyUniversity, managing partner of a training and consulting company Cezaris

Dr. Vytis Valatka

Member of the Board of the Archė foundation, chief editor of the educational-information portal http://www.arche.lt,one of the founders of the Ad Fontes academy of Church Tradition and Gregorian chant, lecturer at the KazimierasSimonavičiusUniversity, VilniusGediminasTechnicalUniversity, and LithuanianUniversity of Educational Sciences, consultant at a training and consulting company Cezaris

Priest Marius Talutis

Former vicar of Kaišiadorys, Elektrėnai, Širvintos parishes, current vicar of Punsk parish, Elk diocese (Poland); spiritual father of Ad Fontes

Jaroslav Kalinovskij

Fifth year student at Balstogė / Bialystok seminary (Poland), participant of Ad Fontes since foundation, associate to Ad Fontes since 2013

           Cycle of Lectures

New liturgical movement after the Pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI

Dr. Alcuin Reid

Methexis, communion and communication: forms of the notion of participation in Western philosophy and theology

Dr. Naglis Kardelis

Actuosa participatio: mystery of participation in the disclosure of the Nature of God

Mindaugas Kubilius

Basics of semiotic-theological interpretation of Gregorian chant

Dr. Jonas Vilimas

NB: Attendance of lectures is compulsory.

Introductory Programme

Participants: this study programme is intended for Ad Fontes beginners.


  • Basics of the Roman Catholic Liturgy

o    Dr. Jonas Vilimas

  • Introduction to Gregorian chant

o   Dr. Jonas Vilimas

  • Consultations: pronunciation of the Latin language

o   Dr. Vytis Valatka

  • Practice of Gregorian chant

o   Romualdas Gražinis

  • Individual singing lessons

o   Professional singer (to be specified)

  • The cycle of lectures (see above)
  • Preparation for liturgical singing (practicing)

Principal Programme

Participants: This study programme is intended for advanced singers of Gregorian chant who have participated in Ad Fontes and/or are singing in one of scholae cantorum.


  • A cycle of lectures (see above)
  • Singing practice

o   Adrija Čepaitė, Romualdas Gražinis

  • Individual singing lessons

o   Professional singer (to be specified)

  • Preparation for liturgical singing (practising)

 Liturgical Singing Practice

Officium Divinum

Divine Office: Laudes (Morning Prayer), Prima, Tertia, Sexta, Nona

(Minor Hours), Vesperae (Evening Prayer), Completorium (Night Prayer)

Missa Cantata

Sung Mass according to the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite (Missal of Saint John XXIII)

       Liturgical Formation Programme for Priests

 Priests and seminarians are invited to study the liturgy of the Church: learn the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite, learn to sing sacerdotal Latin formulas, fully live the liturgical rhythm of the Divine Office, understand documents on the Liturgy of the Second Vatican Council in the light of hermeneutics of continuity.


  • A cycle of lectures (see above)
  • Individual classes of celebration of Holy Mass

o   Dr. Alcuin Reid

  • Individual practicing of sacerdotal Latin formulas

o   Dr. Jonas Vilimas

  • Individual singing lessons

o   Professional singer (to be appointed)

Participants of the course will be provided with the course material and the Ordo Missae. Vilnius: Arche,2011. Participants will be able to sing the Holy Mass, lead Divine Office, serve during the Pontifical or Solemn Mass.

 Liturgical Formation Programme for Altar Servers

The Ad Fontes study week will give a particular attention to the liturgy and formation of Altar servers. The Grace of God is given by different ways of participation in the liturgy as assigned by the Lord. One of them is the serving the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass and Divine Office celebrated by a priest.

Participants: men and boys who wish to learn to serve the traditional Latin Roman Rite.


  • A cycle of lectures (see above)
  • Liturgical formation and practice

o   Dr. Alcuin Reid, seminarian Jaroslav Kalinovskij

  • Introduction to Holy Mass

o        Priest Marius Talutis, seminarian Jaroslav Kalinovskij

Daily Schedule

The daily schedule of the Ad Fontes study week is very intensive. It is based on the rule of Saint Benedict, the founder of the Western monasticism, the main principle of which is “ora et labora“ (“pray and work“).

The basis of the daily schedule is the liturgical daily rhythm:

Divine Office:

Morning Pray (Laudes)

First Hour (Prima)

Third Hour (Tertia)

Sixth Hour (Sexta)

Ninth Hour. (Nona) optional

Evening Prayer (Vesperes)

End of the Day or Night Prayer (Completorium)

The Hole Mass is celebrated according to the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite:

Pontifical Mass (Missa Pontificalis) on 29 July

Solemn Mass (Missa solemnis) each day  

Lectio divina will be read before Holy Mass.

The liturgy will be conducted in the Latin language.

Ad Fontes traditions:

  • M.K. Sarbevius’ poetry night (Thursday)
  • Commemoration of Kražiai Martyrs (Friday)
  • Visit to the Sanctuary of Šiluva (Saturday)

At the invitation by Šiauliai Bishop Eugenijus Bartulis, Ad Fontes will start with the Holy Mass for the Feats of the Exaltation of the Cross at the Hill of Crosses on 27 July (Sunday).


The participants of the Ad Fontes study week will be issued certificates of the ARCHE foundation.


If you wish to participate in the Ad Fontes study week, please fill in an application form and submit it by 15 July.

You can find an electronic form of the application form at: www.ad-fontes.lt > ENG.

Please send your application by e-mail daiva@ad-fontes.lt

Your application will be considered and a week after the application you will be sent a response regarding your participation in Ad Fontes and additional information.

Participation fee – 130 EUR

The fee will include hymnals, accommodation, food.

Discount for families will be agreed on a case-by-case basis (age of a child, etc.)

For persons who are accepted but unable to pay the participation fee in full for obvious reasons, the organisers will seek support from the Ad Fontes scholarship funds.

!!NB!! This year, the number of participants is limited!

Contact information

For more information see www.ad-fontes.lt and Facebook/Ad Fontes.

Contact person: Daiva Žižiūnaitė: daiva@ad-fontes.lt, tel.: 8 68512875

Stay with us.


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  • Kražiai Culture Centre
  • Parish of Kražiai Church of Saint Mary of Immaculate Conception